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“Aysen is an incredibly gifted teacher who instinctively knows how to introduce children to the

violin and instill a love of the instrument and confidence in playing. I am amazed at the progress my children have made with her, and how she teaches them not only the violin but how to read notes, feel rhythm and enjoy themselves in music.


Violin lessons with ateacher whos is so patient and kind have really helped my children develop their musicality, concentration and confidence and it is wonderful to see how proud they are of their achievements. I am so delighted that my children have the chance to learn with a lady who is an inspirational virtuoso player herself and who we can see in local concerts.”


Alexandra Hudson

“Aysen Ulucan is a dedicated teacher. She has taught my children from beginners and I have watched them grow in ability and confidence. They really enjoy their lessons and Aysen always encourages them to work to the best of their ability. She has provided many memorable performance opportunities for her pupils that they have greatly enjoyed and benefited from.


My children now consider the violin to be a big part of their lives and we are very grateful for Aysen's support&teaching.”


Susan Rayner

"As well as playing on stage, another treasured aspect of my musical career is teaching and coaching. My pupils have won prizes in competitions & perform on stage regularly. 
Feel free to contact me if you want to learn with me."




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